TCTP – The Week Begins

Posted: December 9, 2014 in cycling
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A solid start

So after the weekends inactivity it was good to get back on the turbo and start the week in positive fashion. With the turbo room under renovation I decamped to the kitchen to tackle the latest instalment of the TCTP. On the menu last night was an Over / Under session which is a good test and a workout I’m beginning to really enjoy. Of course enjoy is never the right vernacular when pushing hard on the turbo.

The session

After 10 minutes warm up which flew by in the comfort of the kitchen, I hit the lap button and started 3 minutes at Steady State (SS) pace (231W-242W) before upping the effort for 2 minutes at climbing interval (CI) pace (255W-268W). This certainly got my heart pumping and my head sweating before I dropped the effort back down to SS pace for 3 more minutes and then with a press of the lap button I buckled down for 2 more minutes at (CI) pace to complete the first set of Under/Overs.

I felt pretty strong and with the fan on full blast to combat the increased temperature I began the 2nd set. The number will show I hit 262W for both of the Over intervals which is bang in the middle of the CI range, happy with that.


As you can see from the clip below I’m working pretty hard!

For set 3 I had it in my mind to really push on for the over parts and I managed to hit 263W and then finished off really strong with 266W as can be seen in the laps below.

Garmin Connect Summary

So all in all a good session again, back on track and looking forward to the weeks training. Hopefully the turbo room will be done this evening and I can get everything setup again to make life easier. Oh and did I mention the TT bike has arrived, more on that soon.


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