TCTP Roundup – SEPI on plan, road miles for fun

Posted: December 14, 2014 in cycling
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Having juggled things around a little Wednesday called for some more of those tasty SEPI intervals. This time instead of a longer rest between the first and second set it was a 5 consecutive intervals. 3 minute interval followed by 3 minutes rest, so again I aimed for a 300W minimum. The 300W being 10% higher than lower end of my power interval range.

The Results

As I began the first interval I felt strong, a good sign considering I’d got four more to do after this, I brought up the power steadily aiming for around 275W for the first 45s before pushing on hard to achieve the minimum of 300W. As the sweat began to pour off me (still in the kitchen as the turbo room not ready) I achieved 312W which backed up how good I was feeling. I backed off for 3 minutes to recover and then began interval 2, 308W was the power figure I achieved here, I followed that with 307W, 305W and then the final one I hit 303W which I had to dig pretty deep as my legs and lungs began to fade.

I think the zone summary above tells its own tale, a really good session.

Friday – Road Miles

As I was on annual leave I decided to have a quick spin before it got dark, after doing a couple of miles (and realising I had forgot my lights) I thought I’d really dig in and go pretty hard for 20 minutes on the relatively flat road to Belper.

Garmin Connect Data

The 20 minute average power figure above was only fractionally below my current FTP of 255W, however I do feel that a retest once this plan is finished will show an increase from where it currently stands.

I’m not sure I have ever seen quite an equal split between the power outputs before, this resulted from pushing hard on the flat and then having a good effort up a long climb back towards home where I set a PB despite having slightly fatigued legs from the efforts before. With better weather and a lot less layers on I’ll surely smash that time again.


I had planned to do the Peak and Fade intervals here but decided that because the turbo room wasn’t setup and my partner was throwing a baby shower I’d nip off for another hour or so on the road. The roads were pretty icy so I just decided to take it nice and steady.

The week ahead

Tonight (Sunday) I’m going to get the turbo room setup and get back on plan. I have tomorrow morning free so will attempt the over under session I missed this week and then on Tuesday I’ll do my first Peak and Fade session.


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