Weekend review – No Training!

With the run up to Christmas I think there was always going to be a weekend like this, with training scheduled in for Saturday and Sunday I unfortunately had no time for either session. The endurance miles probably not too great of a loss but I had intended to follow up the 2 good intervals sessions I’d done earlier in the week with the Over / Under session on either the Saturday or the Sunday. Sadly it just didn’t happen, with an overnight stay on Saturday for our family Christmas party there was zero time for anything and on Sunday I had a quite a lot to do, clearing the shed and getting the Christmas tree out etc. This didn’t take up all my time but combined with the fact my turbo room is being renovated everything was in disarray. When 6.30pm arrived I really didn’t fancy going out outside to get my turbo trainer and set things in the kitchen, I just had to give it a miss. Riding outdoors not really an option due to high winds and rain, not that I even considered this, it was always going to be a case of turbo or nothing.

Week 6 of 8 – The week ahead

Probably easier to put this down in table form so here it is. There is an element of catch up rather than simply moving on, I feel that is the best way as I am still able to hit the sessions without having to exceed any more than 2 consecutive days. Things will be a little disruptive as my turbo room will potentially be inaccessible so will be relocating to the kitchen, hopefully the noise from the Tacx Flow won’t be too bad.

Coming up in week 7

Whilst not wishing to look too far ahead I should hit the ground running for week 7 as I have the Monday off, this will allow me to either get some road miles in or give flexibility for when I do my workouts that week. At the very least I’ll be able to organise the rest of my life so my training won’t suffer in the run up to Christmas.


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