Weekly recap

Having ended last week on somewhat of a high I was looking forward to this week, with the plan to do back to back sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, these would be my final 2 sessions on the TCTP. Sadly it’s not quite happened, last night I had a few twinges in my back, probably caused by poor sleep due to my 1 year old thinking 1am is now wake up time, but with today being Christmas eve and a lunchtime finish I’ve decided to go out on the bike for a couple of hours instead. I’m not sure if the training benefit will be the same as some more of those peak and fade power intervals but sometimes you just fancy heading out and doing a few hills!

Santa Ride

On Sunday it was a break from training as I took part in the annual club Santa ride, although very windy and with significant aero drag caused by wearing a Santa suit I just sat on the front of our 10 man group for most of the 30 miles. I really enjoyed this ride, it was good to catch up with my club mates as I haven’t had chance to do many club rides this year, hoping that will change for 2015. The only real effort I put in was on Carr Lane which was the venue for our club hill climb back in October, with a few miles in my legs and overheating due to the santa suit I huffed and puffed my way up the climb behind my club mate Joel Candy. Obviously riding pretty strong he gave it a final push at the end, I didn’t have much left and reached the summit a few seconds behind. The experience was somewhat different to back in October when I was a minute quicker.

Planning a retest

After completing today’s ride, I’ll take two days off (Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and let that be the end of the Time Crunched Training Plan in terms of training. What I want to do however is repeat the initial test I did to see how many watts I’ve managed to add in the last 8 weeks. The figure to beat for those 8 minute efforts will be 271W, I’ll update the blog with how that goes and provide an overall summary of the last 8 weeks. Having the two day’s rest should leave my legs in good shape and chomping at the bit to turn myself inside out during the test, I think if I can gain around 5% which would be about 14W I’d be pretty happy with that, I’ll certainly be aiming for nearer 10% though!

Merry Christmas


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