TCTP – Under / Over in the new turbo room

Posted: December 16, 2014 in cycling
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Renovations (almost) complete

Having had a few renovations done to my turbo room it was time to leave the comfort of the kitchen and get back out there for the latest session of the TCTP. Last night having again shuffled things around I planned in the over / under session I had skipped at the weekend, more on the that later. First thing to add was the massive improvement that having the false ceiling removed from my turbo room made, no crouching down, fan now blowing in my face it was so much better.

Previously at the end of a turbo session I would be pouring with sweat and the floor would be strewn with paper towels, last night I used none. The cooling of the fan which was now perfectly placed, aligned to the fact there was more room for air to circulate meant that my performance on the bike wasn’t compromised. Admittedly, despite all that, the thought of leaving the warmth of the house to actually begin the session still wasn’t pleasant but having the plan in place really pushes you to get out the door and get going, I’m always glad I did.

The session

With 3 sets of over under’s to complete I did my usual warm up before beginning the first 2 minute under interval. With specified power ranges to hit I pushed on through the first set alternating between under and over wattages before taking the permitted 8 minute recovery.

After the 8 minute recovery I initially found it hard getting in to a rhythm but I soon found my legs and ploughed on through the second set. 261, 259 and 262 were the wattages on the over part which were pretty much in the middle of the 255W-268W range.

As I commenced the third set I again found it troublesome getting into the right range and this can be seen by the difference in the graph, but my legs were still good and without the usual sweat and heat hampering me I got through the first 2 over intervals before dropping back slightly to under pace. The changes in pace are tough but you can really relate this to being out on the road, indeed I was visualising times where I could have used this in the past with success. For the final over part I thought I’d really push to the end, 268W was the higher end of my range but I actually recorded 275W, I could have gone harder so clearly my legs are getting stronger.

Garmin Connect Summary

Lap Summary

Garmin Connect Graphs


Really enjoyed that workout and I can really feel an improvement in my fitness, my legs ache a little today, I am hoping this subsides as the day goes on as I would like to do the Peak and Fade intervals tonight, I may defer those until Wednesday if not feeling too fresh.


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