Setting the scene

Last night called for a repeat of the previous night’s intervals but with a slightly longer recovery time between the first set, 8 minutes instead of 6. I actually started the session pretty late, perhaps in the past if the time has gotten to nearly 8pm I’d have just left it for another day, but I felt good, no doubt in part because I had eaten a lot better yesterday and having the added motivation of unlike last night hitting the session brief 100%. I also decided that tonight I would have the Rocky 4 soundtrack on again.

Set 1

Having done the obligatory warm up I launched into the 1st interval, again I built up the power before giving it everything until the 3 minutes were up. I felt really strong, much better than last night and that showed in the power output, 313W which is the highest I’ve recorded so far on these type of intervals. It did cross my mind I may have gone too hard and would suffer later on, I would find out later this wasn’t the case. After recovering it was time for interval number 2 and with images of Rocky Balboa scrambling around in the snow I smashed out another interval above my absolute minimum target of 300W, this time 309W. Interval 3 showed no let-up in power and again my trusty Garmin Edge 500 showed 309W as I began the well-earned 8 minute recovery in readiness for the 2nd set.

Set 2

Buoyed by the numbers from the first set I pushed my way through interval 1, the recovery helped but I wasn’t feeling quite so strong this time but still managed an average of 307W for the 3 minutes. During the 2nd interval I was heading for a similar number but after around 2 minutes I just went a little too hard and momentarily lost momentum but I pulled myself together and achieved a 304W average. Recovery done and time to give it absolutely everything for the final 3 minutes, I have to say that the Rocky soundtrack really helped here as I gurned and grimaced my way to the end and an average of 307W.

I thought it would be useful to compare these efforts to the previous week, as you can see, even though I purposely aimed for a modest target of 280W for the first 3 intervals last week despite the much higher wattage produced in the first set the final 2 efforts were still quite a bit higher. This is a real positive and shows I’m making improvements already, better pacing, better technique and probably most notably greater mental strength. Another point to add is that my recoveries between intervals last night were lower, I’m sure this also helped me to achieve the intervals at a higher power which is the objective.

Garmin Connect Summary

The Weekend Sessions

Saturday calls for some more over / under intervals, Sunday a bit more sedate “Group ride or Endurance Miles”. Saturday could be a bit tricky to get time on the bike so I may switch that to Sunday and miss out the endurance miles, hopefully I’ll manage both.


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